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Right, new September (very nearly), new life, new blog.

In English this time – which is not entirely obvious since, let it be said at the very beginning, I’m not a native speaker.

I’m sure it shows something dreadful, too. But I have this ambition, I want to write in English. I have been writing in English for some time, and I might mention in passing that Joseph Conrad is my hero*. As for what I want to write in English, let us say theatre and historicals – either straight or with a fantasy bend.

So, this is the plan: one post each Saturday, to begin with. Books, theatre, writing, the odd historical tidbit, and suchlike stuff. Expect a certain amount of Elizabethan things, because I’m mad that way, and some musings about language, translation and editing.

And with that, I think you are warned, right? Onwards.


* But let’s make a deal: the collaborations with Ford Madox Ford just don’t count.