Cliff owned the only drive-thru funeral business in Massachusetts.


That’s me.

No, not Cliff: I am “Cliff owned the only drive-thru funeral business in Massachusetts”.

I’m a novel. Or at least I’m meant to be…

A little story of funerals, writing and survival. Click on the link to download the PDF version of Undertakings.


Gentleman in Velvet

history-kind-sml-2BWI’m in my father’s workshop when the servant brings the velvet. I’m being told off for fighting – for at eight I’m an unruly child. But the arrival of the fabric cuts short the homily, and we – myself and two apprentice boys – flock around the best-lighted, the master’s workbench as my father unfurls the two, three ells of velvet.

It ripples like water – a deep burgundy that turns crimson in the slanting light of afternoon, and black in the heart of its smooth folds. It gives off a clean, warm, rich smell amidst the foulness of pitch and tanned leather. It seems the greatest pity to cut it into a pair of slippers…

A young Kit Marlowe learns – the hard way – a lesson about consequences and prices…

A short story containted in History Will Be Kind, the anthology created to celebrate The Copperfield Review’s 15 years.

You can find  History Will Be Kind here:



2 thoughts on “Stories”

  1. Very enjoyable Clara. Thank You.


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