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Or very nearly: Death in Rheims, his third adventure, is up for preorder on Amazon, and will be available on 26 May!

This time Tom is back in restless France – to Rheims, more precisely, posing as the English business partner of a local wool merchant. The tricky thing is that Thibaud, who recently died in a rather sudden manner, was actually an agent for Tom’s spymaster cousin, Sir Francis Walsingham, who is very curious to know whether  there was anything suspicious about this death. Did it have anything to do with the local English College, where the Catholic exiles train for forbidden priesthood? Or with the reappearance of Dick Baines, the agent who, years ago, was caught spying on the exiles and tortured for it?

Thibaud’s daughter is sure her father’s death was quite natural – but this doesn’t mean there aren’t strange circumstances surrounding it. Why is a known spy of Mary Stuart in Rheims, showing far too much interest in the mad Baines? And why does Sir Francis’s current plant at the College – a fiery young poet named Kit Marley – claim there has been murder done among the students?

With yet another bout of civil war looming over France, and everyone pursuing their own agenda, Tom has his work cut for him, with plenty of killings, treason, aliases, betrayals and lies to disentangle – while he wrangles with his conscience, searches for truth, and tries not to end up as the next victim. 

You can preorder the Kindle version on Amazon, and get it on 26 may – when the paperback will also be available.

So Tom is at it again – and I’m very happy to tell you, it won’t be the last time: I’ve just signed on with Sapere Books for three more Tom Walsingham books, and am hard at work on Book 4 already!