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Here we go! Today is the day!

Tom Walsingham is back in France – and right into the lion’s den!

It was never supposed to be the easiest of missions – but once Tom arrives in Rheims, deep into restless France, he finds  that things are very different from what he and his powerful cousin, Sir Francis, had anticipated… And to find out just what threats are being prepared for Queen Elizabeth, this time our boy will have to take some really huge risks.

What’s worse, in theory he has plenty of support – but is there anyone he can really trust?

Aliases, betrayals, murders, looming war, lies aplenty, and a young rapscallion of a poet called Kit Marley… Tom is back for his most dangerous adventure yet!

Follow him as he tries to untangle, as Sir Francis would say, the joints and flexures of… Death in Rheims!

Book Three of the Tom Walsingham Mysteries is out today with Sapere Books. Findi it on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats!