Clara who?

Hello, I’m Clara Giuliani (pronounced Julie-AH-knee), also known as C.P.

I’m Italian, a historical novelist, a playwright, a blogger, a translator, an editor, a copywriter, a reviewer for the HNR… if it has to do with words, odds are I’ve done it at least once.

I live in the whereabouts of Mantova – incidentally the place where Romeo gets the deadly poison – where I write, teach playwriting, and train as a director with the historic Accademia Teatrale Campogalliani.

Raised on a steady diet of stories, history and make-believe, it still took a few years in the fields of international relations first, and the timber trade later (no, really!) – before I finally turned to the pen and the stage.

Since then, I’ve published three historical novels in Italian, and had half a dozen plays staged. I’ve also been writing in English for years now, publishing a few short stories on both sides of the Atlantic. My first historical murder mystery in English, the first volume of the Tom Walsingham Mysteries, is due out later this year with Sapere Books.

Meanwhile, why don’t you have a look at one of my stories? And you can always contact me here.