Clara who?

Hello, I’m Clara Giuliani (pronounced Julie-AH-knee), also known as C.P.

I’m Italian, a historical novelist, a playwright, a blogger, a translator, an editor, a copywriter, a reviewer for the HNR… if it has to do with words, odds are I’ve done it at least once.

I live in the whereabouts of Mantova – incidentally the place where Romeo gets the deadly poison – where I write, teach playwriting, and train as a director with the historic Accademia Teatrale Campogalliani.

Raised on a steady diet of stories, history and make-believe, it still took a few years in the fields of international relations first, and the timber trade later (no, really!) – before I finally turned to the pen and the stage.

Since then, I’ve published three historical novels in Italian, and had half a dozen plays staged. I’ve also been writing in English for years now, publishing a few short stories on both sides of the Atlantic, and a series of historical murder mysteries – with a touch of espionage – set in the 1580s between England and France: the Tom Walsingham Mysteries are published by Sapere Books.

Meanwhile, why don’t you have a look at one of my stories? And you can always contact me here.