2011050310Oh dear, Pinterest…

I don’t remember just how I stumbled upon Pinterest, but stumble I did. I think a friend “invited” me… does one still enter Pinterest by invitation? One did, back then – but never mind.

I acted very nonchalant, at first – because really, what could be so addictive about collecting little pictures? So I created one little board called History, Stories, Books and Theatre, and was so sure I’d never go any further, because really… collecting pictures?

A couple of days and a few hundred pins later, Pinterest was my new Well of Lost Hours – fitting pinishment for a scoffer, eh?

So I started creating boards for favourite books, tall ships, silent movies and other obsessions, and shared other boards with friends – and felt devilish guilty about the time I squandered, but still.

Then came the theatre boards: my staged plays, ideas for costumes, lighting and stage design, and this felt a little more like business, and my conscience was assuaged – never mind that the Lost Hours count kept swelling, and swelling, and swelling.

And then came the writing boards, the ultimate procrastination. I love creating a board for every new writing project, and ove having a place where I can gather relevant images, inspiration, links and bits of atmosphere – love it all the more because I’m not a terribly visual person, only… I’m afraid I love it a bit too much.

It is far too easy to convince myself that I’m doing something useful writing-wise – and we all know what lies that way, don’t we?

So yes, I’m a Pinterest addict.

I find it both useful and delectable, it has even become a part of my writing process, but surely it is no help at all in my fight against procrastination.

Oh, and not to lead you on dangerous paths – perish the thought! – but just in case you are curious about my boards… er, they’re here.