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One goes to theatre for two nights in a row (more or less), and has a couple of good chats with a director, an artistic director and one’s favourite actor, and gets home with a bagful of ideas, requests and good news…

Therefore one is in a very effervescent mood, theatre-wise – but also a bit terrified at the quantity of things to be done, translated, adapted, modified, rewritten, thought about, organised…

Dancing between euphoria and overwhelm is beginning to look like the natural condition of the playwright. Oh well – it’s not as though I didn’t like it. And perhaps it is euphoria, overwhelm and nonsense, after all.

Oh, you’ll get to know – just not yet, because part of this is still more than a little in the air, and I’m not superstitious, you know, but when it comes to theatre… well. Let’s not jinx it, shall we?

So, meanwhile, as the title promised – theatre logic:


(Exit left – trippingly…)