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ShakespeareMarloweDid you notice? The Shakespeare Year is right around the corner.

Shakespeare & Marlowe Year – thank you very much, because let us not forget those two were born a few months apart. A good harvest when it came to playwrights, 1564 was…

And I’m getting ready. This will be an intensely Elizabethan year for me. I’m going to blog about it – so be warned: lots of Shakespeare and Marlowe to come.

And then there are, if all goes well, the Sonnets play, and a few others I have in various stages of readiness – including a radio drama – and another I want to write.

And a school project involving A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

And the lectures. I’ve sent and I’m still sending around to libraries, reading groups, schools and everyone I can think of that might even remotely be interested – offering my… shall we call it my array* of lectures on Shakespeare, Marlowe, Elizabethan England, Authorship Question, William Henry Ireland, Sonnets, espionage, School of the Night, whatnot…

So yes – as I said, this is going to be an intensely Elizabethan year. And believe me: you are going to hear about it.


* Yes, we shall: I love the word.