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Spanish Theater from the Bruce Museum in Greenwich Conn - A child's veiwI’m in a toy-theatre phase.

I go through this sort of things, and right now it’s toy theatres. Let me get my printer working again, and chances are I’ll make myself one in the weekend. Actually, last Saint Lucia I was given a lovely, Pollock-bought one, to cut and assemble, but it is so intricate I’m a litte in awe. It will take some guts just to start cutting. Meanwhile, I might try something easier…

But never mind. For now I thought I’d share a few TT-related links.

Here you can find R.L. Stevenson’s delightful essay from which I borrowed this post’s title. And of course, Pollock’s. Then there is Lucia Contreras’ site Teatritos, where you can read about paper theatres and view images from her wonderful collection. Should you have developed an urge to have a toy theatre of your own, here the V&A provides you with all the printables you need – including a play. And last, possibly the one reason why I might wish for an iPad: a TT app!

And have a nice theatrical weekend.

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