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EnteredI think I’ve mentioned this before – but, as a Saturday thought, I’ll post a bit of the Author’s Greeting from George Garrett’s Entered from the Sun – the Murder of Marlowe.

It’s an irritatingly wonderful book, by the way, and one of these days I’ll have to write about it at some length. For now, let’s content ourselves with this…

Not to forget, now or ever, the long-lost brightness and shine, the hope and glory of those times. But likewise to remember, keeping in mind, the other side of it. Stony discontent, cold despair, end-of-the-world indifference.

Bear with me, ghosts.

And bless us, one and all, your newfound, long-lost friends.

Speak to me.

Speak through me.

Speak to us.

I’ve always thought it would do as a sort of secular prayer of the historical novelist. And of the translator as well – depending on what you are translating.