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novemberThis post on Karavansara made me jump: good heavens above, is it that time of the year again already?

And of course it is, and it will be November in a few days, and so it is even late to begin to think about doing NaNoWriMo – but the fact is that, even if I had not lost track of time and planned ahead… er. It’s always the same story: much as I like the notion of a month-long concentrated effort with an artificial but solid enough deadline, November is always about the very worst time for it.

Let’s see: this November I’ll have a play running and one in rehearsal, three talks to give (with readings, also to be rehearsed), one largish and two smaller editing projects, a lighting-design course to take, the Paper Stage to organise, at least one book to review… and that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure I’m leaving something out. And of course, even if this were not the hectic case, there’s still the small matter of my fourth draft in progress. I can’t help feeling that it would be a truly bad idea to shelf SN4* for a month – and not any month, either, because, December being what it is, my writing year more or less ends on November 30 at midnight. All the more so because I’m not being as effective and focused about it as I’d like.sn4wrimo16

And yet… can you see it? That is exactly what I can and will do with my November and the artificial deadline, in between lighting, and editing, and talking: I’ll finish my fourth draft.

There. I feel better, now. I feel organised and focused. I feel even sensible – which I discover almost daily I’m most definitely not… But still. Let’s see how it goes. No NaNoWriMo, but… SN4WriMo? Less impressive, surely, but it will do.

I’ll let you know.


* Yes, a codename. I’d been thinking it needed one for some time – and now it has it. So there. (Besides, it will come in handy before the end of this post…)