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Rant ahead, I warn you.

Because the fact is, I do hate the new WordPress block editor… loathe it with a passion.

I’d given it a try when it first appeared, and then again on and off, and always found it unwieldy, and clunky, and downright frustrating. For the most part I’d managed to avoid it so far, rather hoping that WordPress would see reason before the 1st of October – but they haven’t, and now using the Classic Editor has become very nearly impossible.

Oh yes, there is the rather silly option of manually selecting the CE for a new block (I had to peruse a number of angry forum threads to find that even that), but it’s hardly calculated for ease or comfort – and besides, given how things are going,  one just has to wonder: for how long exactly will even this be around?

The WordPress forum staff, I must say, are doing little to help… or rather – no: this is probably unfair. I suppose they are doing what they can, considering that they are tasked to sing the praises of the new editor, and tell everyone how wonderful, easy, and satisfying the transition is… I’m sure they have standing orders to address the single technical issues (usually by pointing to some link) and ignore objections on a general level (such as that the new editor does no favours to text-heavy blogs), to never sympathise too much with us, the ones who grumble, and grouse, and just want to go back to the good old ways… So yes: I’m sure they do what they can.

Unfortunately, this often translates to some kind of “I don’t quite see what you are angry about” attitude – which is bound, human nature being what it is, to make the angry person even angrier.

I suppose that, in time, we will all be either tamed into using the dratted new editor, or driven away from WordPress… And yes, if I were to migrate Scribblings elsewhere, I’d have to learn another system altogether, and there’s no saying how I’d like the new one. I very much suspect WordPress of banking on this.

To think that one of the main reasons I liked WordPress was its easy, intuitive editor! I have to wonder if we, the grumblers, are such a tiny minority that we don’t matter – not even if we were to leave one and all…

But I can’t help the unpleasant suspicion that we do not matter very much. We are, I suppose, the ones who won’t adapt and are left behind by progress and the forward stride of things. We are… technododos, would you say?

A slightly depressing thought. And I think I’ll stop here before I get maudlin – but I hope you’re proud of yourself, WordPress: you’ve made me feel obsolete.