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www.pinterest.comLook what I found: a collection of art inspired by Shakespeare, with a definite emphasis on XIXth Century paintings. You can browse by play or by artists.

And this slightly odd book of two hundred and thirty vignette engravings – all of them Shakespearean illustrations from designs of John Thurston. And there is also this 1909 Gallery of Shakespeare Illustrations from Celebrated Works of Art. Both books to browse online or to download from Internet Archive.

The University of Wisconsin’s Illustrated Shakespeare Collection takes some little effort to browse, but is well worth it.

Also, there should be the Oppel-Hammerschmidt Shakespeare Illustration Archive at the University of Mainz, but all links to it seem to be broken… Still, because the description sounds so promising, I post the link all the same, and if you discover something I missed, please let me know in the comments.

And finally, for variety’s sake, a Pinterest board, and another, and a third,