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Brown_ladyHow do you like your ghost stories?

Myself, I like them before sunset, thank you very much…

Ludicrous, you think? Maybe – but I’ve had a few sleep-killing experiences, including the short story collection I read while staying in my Fifteenth Century college’s guest-rooms. Considering that no one else slept there at the moment, considering the long, dark and deserted corridors I had to walk to get there, considering the gloomy November nights… well yes, perhaps ghost-reading after dark was not the smartest of ideas.

Anyway, let’s do something seasonal, shall we? I found these interesting book recommendations over at The Reading Room: The Woman in Black has been on my Kindle for years now – and some bright summer day I’m going to tackle it – and quite a few of the others sound very promising.

And, while we are there, why not try a few classic M.R. James stories, courtesy of the Project Gutenberg?

After dark, read at your own peril.