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GlobeLogoDid you ever want to direct a Shakespeare play? Perhaps at the Globe?

Well, now you can – or, if not a complete play, at least a scene or three, with The Globe’s Staging it.

From the website:

Staging It is a brand new interactive film maker. It allows you to understand Shakespeare’s text from a director’s point of view and virtually stage a scene at the Globe theatre.

Actors are filmed performing a moment of a play on the Globe stage. Each line of their speech is shot four times, each time performed in different ways (happy, flirtatious, defensive, etc.) Watch each of the clips and add your choice to a dynamic storyboard to build up a final scene.

Besides being great fun, it can be quite a revelation to play around and see how moods and nuances can be combined together, and how changing the rendition of a single line can give an entirely different spin to a whole scene.

If nothing else, Staging It casts an interesting light on the director’s role and work with the text and actors. A well-thought, clever little game to play.