no-internet-connectionI hadn’t disappeared… Or yes, well – I had, but it wasn’t my idea. A thunderstorm wreaked havoc with communications around here, and I was stranded and net-less for three days.

It happens now and then – and will go on happening, because I live in a tiny riverside village in the middle of nowhere, not too far from rural Mantua. The place is pretty to the point of idyll, but show me an Arcadia with good Internet connection… This to explain that it could happen again – it will happen again: I’ll go missing, and you’ll know why.

Anyway, while I was stranded, things kept happening. One is that this post appeared on the Paper Stage Blog, about Il Palcoscenico di Carta. I really love this project to bits, and can’t wait for September to begin again. And meanwhile there are developments… I’ll let you know.