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rsc_logo.tmb-logo-200Did you know that the Royal Shakespeare Company has not one, but three fabulous blogs?

There is Pathways to Shakespeare, in which RSC actors and directors tell of their Shakespearean rites of passage: how they first met the bard, what drew them, what made them Shakespearean actors, how they entered the company… And then there is Learning Lines, detailing the RSC’s great educational work to make Shakespeare accessible to young and very young audiences – and hopeful little actors.

My favourite, though, has to be Whispers from the Wings, described as a “diary of our productions, explaining what’s happening through the rehearsal process, written by our cast and crew. It is a collection of great little glimpses at the backstage life of the RSC… Have a look at Byron Mondahl’s First day of rehearsal, or Eleanor Wyld’s eventful move from London to Stratford, or Anna Girvan’s answer to the question of What does an assistant director do – or, actually, to any of the lively, well-written, insightful posts. It’s really like taking a peek backstage – and not of just any company, either…

All three blogs can be found on this page, and make for lovely reading for anyone interested in the life, practicalities and educational role of theatre.