ResRight, I am aware that resolutions are a thing for New Year’s day. One doesn’t do Easter resolutions, right? Or post-Easter resolutions, or April resolutions?

Still, because in a couple of days I’ll finish the second draft, I think I’d better take stock and decide on a few things…

First thing, once the second draft is done, a third and final will be in order. Most things are in shape, by now. It’s just a matter of trimming down to a reasonable wordcount, pruning away a couple of things and a few other minor adjustments.

Then, there is Of Men and Poets. As I said, it’s time for the rewriting I’ve been planning these last four years and a half. Or at least I think. I’ll know in a few days whether there actually is to be a revival, and in that case, I’d better start working. And no, I haven’t found my notes yet. Frustrating, but not crippling.

Regardless, there is… Shall we call it Project F? It sounds melodramatic, I know, but it’s early days, and we don’t yet know what it’s to become of it, whether it will ever land on a stage. So I don’t want to go into specifics yet, but it’s time I started some work on in all the same. For now, I think I’ll settle on three hours per week – and then we’ll see.

Next, there is a short story to trim down to an unexpected wordcount. It’s actually half the wordcount of the first draft – so the question is: can I keep it meaningful while halving it? It’s gone to be an interesting exercise, if nothing else. april4

Then… well, this is not strictly writerly, but I suspect it might help. I want to take up nordic walking again. Apart from the few pounds I’d gladly shed, I’ve been leading a rather cat-like life, lately. Time to get moving a little. I’ve never been one to regard exercise as an absolute necessity of life – but, if only to stop family&friends from nagging, I think I’d better walk more. Also, I make no early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise promises, but I might want to adjust my sleeping habits a little.

There. More than enough for now, what do you think?

It’s nothing for today – or tomorrow,  either – because right now I still have a houseful of Easter guests staying until next Sunday… But Monday – yes, Monday is the day when I grow wise and sensible.

Or at least a wee bit wiser – and I try for a scantling of common sense.

We’ll see.