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And I’m glad to report that, after the one skip last week, I’ve gone back to being a good little storyadayer. So now I have twenty-five little stories (well past my original minimum goal, and counting), and the end of the challenge is near. Not a bad thing altogether, I suppose – considering my insane rehearsals calendar, and the small fact that Dreaming Alice is debuting in less than 3 weeks – but I think I’ll rather miss the daily story-making…

Ah well. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, shall we? This past week I’ve experimented a little. I’ve played with poetic fixed forms, using the rules that govern things like roundels and mirror cinquains to structure my little pieces. I’ve tried to reverse-telescope in flash form my old obsession for stories within stories. And I’ve ransacked the spice cabinet for turmeric, to work on sensory precision. And you know what? It’s been great fun, and it has produced a few rather pleasing little pieces. Well, first drafts, actually – but that’s the challenge’s point.

Now for the last week, I plan on revisiting all those lists of prompts and ideas that I prepared in late April and only half used so far, and find things I’d really like to try before it’s over. And yes, it means making yet another list – and no, I’m not sure I’ll use this one better than I did the others. Still.

And what about you, o Readers? Are you still at it? What have you been doing? Do you have plans for the challenge’s final rush?