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Alice again tonight – on the very, very large outside stage, where we never did it before…

So we had a tech rehearsal last night, to adjust blocking and lighting, and to break in our new White Rabbit (who proved to be a very imaginative agent of chaos), and then we had dress in quick succession, because this seems to have become the way of things around here, and our Queen of Hearts was caught in a traffic jam far, far away, and I had to stand in for her, so the Rabbit of Chaos could actually try the blocking, as opposed to interacting with a disembodied voice, and the White Queen had a bout of some allergy or other, and her pills made her drowsy rather than not, and the Dormouse broke up with her boyfriend right yesterday, and it isn’t clear whether we can have lights in the garden beyond the stage, and all the enters and exits are a little wobbly, and there are heaps of them, and the coloured lights look all washed up in the open air, and the paper planes – oh dear, the paper planes! – and the wind played havoc with the mikes, but the good thing is, most of my Alice people do have lungs – as they more than proved by breaking into spontaneous song when, well past midnight, we were ferrying all our countless props and bits of costume to the green room for the night, and had to be silenced before someone took exception and rang the police… and… and…

Oh dear.

Did I happen to mention that we’re all a little mad here?

And, while we are at it, do wish me luck, will you?