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The real-life Bea

Oh dear. Oh goodness me. Oh Spirit of the Bard…

I’m going to play again.

As in, on the stage. On the Tiny Theatre’s stage. Before an audience.

I’m going to play Bea.

In my own Amelia Earhart play, Il Rumore delle Ali/The Sound of Wings – the one I’m directing, too. The wonderful actress playing Bea Noonan had to withdraw – and I… well, all through last spring’s rehearsals I’d acted like some kind of understudy for her, so I guess it was just a matter of course that, when she became unavailable, Nina should just up and give the part to me…?

A matter of course – oh dear.

So now I’m going to step up and play Bea Noonan, and it’s a comparatively minor part – but still, and first night is just three weeks away, and I’m studying furiously, and I’ve been trying on costumes, and there will be a frighteningly small number of rehearsals, and I’m thrilled and terrified in equal parts, and, and, and…

And I’m going to play again.

On the stage. Before an audience.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.