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PrincessPeaWere you one of those children always questioning things in fairy tales? You know the kind… Happy ever after? But what happened then? And if she had to be home by midnight, how come she wasn’t crushed inside the pumpkin halfway? And wouldn’t the Evil Queen know a deer’s heart from a human one? They can be a storyteller’s delight or life’s bane – depending on the storyteller’s nerve, I guess…

Well, I was one of those (and lucky in the matter of  stout-hearted storytellers with a sense of humour), and so, it seems, was author Anna Belfrage.

If you were too, and ever wondered about the Princess and the Pea, read the delightful article she wrote on the matter for the EHFA blog. She covers it all, from the relevant fairy tale to growing, storing and eating peas through history, down to a recipe for Swedish pea soup.

And if you liked the post, Anna Belfrage’s whole blog is filled with intelligent, witty and well researched articles on historical characters, events and bits and ends. Definitely a pleasant read.