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Untitled 13Dear Saint Lucia,

I’m not sure I’ve been  good enough so far for this – but, were you by any chance wondering about what  I might wish for December, here is an idea: I’ve discovered the existence of this lovely edition of four plays of Christopher Marlowe, published in the mid Sixties by Limited Edition Club and then Heritage Press, and illustrated by French artist Albert Decaris.

As you can see from the Tamburlaine here left, the illustrations are a wonder, and the whole book seems to have been conceived with much flair, design-wise…

Not to mention that finding this particular illustration with the lions right now, happens to be a nice piece of serendipity – for novel-related reasons.

What can I say? It’s still four months and a half until your day, dear Saint Lucia: I promise I’ll be awfully good. Meanwhile, you can read about Four Plays – and see some of the gorgeous illustrations – here, on the George Macy Imagery blog, and here, on what seems to be a small website entirely devoted to this book.