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sn4wrimo16Well well well – would you believe it? But weeks do fly, don’t they? A heartbeat ago it was october, and now it’s so very nearly the end of November that it makes no difference. So it would seem that it’s reckoning time: how did SN4WriMo go?

Let us say, well enough.

One the one hand, this fourth draft was meant mostly as an effort to make the language smoother – and that I finished with a good week to spare. While I was at it, though, I realised that a couple of scenes might do with some tinkering – both conflict and theme-wise – and that I now have ample room to restore a scene I had reluctantly dumped. Having finished the language revision early, I briefly hoped I might squeeze in the rest of the work as well, but then the Paper Stage, rehearsals and meeting took over, and the weather took a turn for the worse, forcing on me a good deal of impromptu and hasty gardening, and the day after tomorrow December will be upon us…

Let’s put it this way: Fourth Draft as planned, done! Fourth Draft as it turned out… well, not quite. Shall we say it’s something, and call it a November?

And how about you, o Readers? How did your November writing go? And do you manage to write in December?