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I’ve been thinking, it’s high time I went back to the Saturday Tidbits – as promised by the blackboard here on the left… so, here we go: a Saturday Tidbit.

Did you that know you can go to Paris and stay for free at Shakespeare and Company, the famous Rive Gauche bookshop, in exchange for a few hours of work and reading?

Beginning in founder  George Whitman’s early days, the shop has a tradition of this: backpacking writers and travelers go under the nickname of Tumbleweeds… I visited Shakespeare & Co. a couple of years ago, and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since, maybe to attend a workshop or a Tea Party… Then a friend told me about the Tumbleweeds, and isn’t it lovely? I wonder if I’m a tad old for it… I mean, it sounds like a twenty-something sort of adventure, but who knows – maybe, maybe…

Meanwhile, here is an article about the shop’s story and the (surprisingly simple) practicalities of sleeping there.