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Once upon a time, December used to be a rather non-writing month, all given to Christmas preparations. Crafting ornaments and decorations, trimming trees, baking Lebkuchen, making the pudding, searching for presents, listening to carols… this sort of things.

I just believed – in all naive honesty – that there was no time to write in December…

When things began to change exactly, I’m not sure – but, between the Company and the Squirrels, I found myself more and more involved in the theatrical things happening in December, and deadlines began to grow where there had been none… And I found that there was time, after all – for preparations, writing, and backstage work.

Then last year there was no theatre, of course – but there was writing, and plenty of it – what with deadlines, and awaiting editors, and all that.

And now… ah, now. Oh, this December! Let me make a little list for you…

  • My novella-in-flash, with a January deadline and a good deal of work still to do;
  • A stage adaptation for the Company’s school – at least part of a first draft;
  • A half-original play, always for the school;
  • A detailed outline for Book 2 of the Tom Walsingham Mysteries;

And then, of course, there is the theatre…

  •  The Sound of Wings, up until the 19th – because yes, we had our debut, and it is going well, and I’m enjoying enormously my stint on the stage as Bea Noonan…
  • My Christmas Tryptich on the 16th – with the Squirrels, and a boys’ choir – and while I’m not directly involved in the production, it’s hard to keep entirely away.

Also the decorations, and the pudding, and the baking, and everything else – because, for all of the above, it is still December, and it is still be going to be Christmas…

Wish me joy – and, while we are at it, wonder with me: how could I ever think of December as a non-writing month?

And what about you, O Readers? Any writing plans for this month?