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Marlowe1A little Kit Marlowe, today.

First, Andrew Dickson’s nice article from The Guardian, tracing parallels with Shakespeare, and suggesting the What-if every Marlowe enthusiast worth the name must play at least once – and no, it has nothing to do with Kit and Will being one and the same.

Then a link to an overview of what the Cambridge Marlowe Dramatic Society is doing this year to celebrate.

Oh, and then there is Canterbury-based company Fourth Monkey: they are having a Marlowe 450 celebratory season – including a Massacre at Paris in the cathedral crypt, that can’t have been anything short of thrilling.

And let me add, as a finishing touch, novelist Elizabeth Bear’s thoughts on Kit in Cambridge and the Corpus Christi and Grafton portraits – posted on her blog as she did her field research for The Stratford Man.

Because, you know, it isn’t just about Shakespeare, after all.