Kachalov_and_Knipper_in_Hamlet_1911These two are Vasili Kachalov and Olga Knipper as Hamlet and Gertrude in Edward Gordon Craig and Constantin Stanislavskij’s 1911 production of Hamlet.

Great photo, isn’t it? It’s just one of many treasures to be found in the fabulous Performance Galleries at Shakespeare’s Staging, the University of California’s wonderful site about history, theory and practice of Shakespearian performance.

The Performance Galleries are a joy, exploring a variety of themes, eras, places, theatres, single plays… But don’t stop there: this truly excellent site also boasts a rich bibliography, videos (including a priceless 1908 Vitagraph Richard III!), and a wealth of interesting links.

And I know I’m quoting from the wrong author – but bear with me: infinite riches in a little site – indeed!