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Alberto Bontempi

And today for something different – as in no theatre and no Elizabethana…

Hope and Glory is a role-playing game setting for Savage Worlds – but also a collection of stories set in what will be the game’s world.

What world, you ask?

From the  frozen wastes of Europe, where the mammoth roam, to the proud Zulu Nation of Africa, from the technological wonders of the Anglo-Indian Raj to the mist-shrouded shores of Lost America, these are the stories of a new, strange world.

Imagine a post-apocalyptic Kipling with dinosaurs and steampunk… Davide Mana has created  a rich, complex and colourful world, perfect to go adventuring. And to begin with, starting today, there’s a series of six rollicking tales of derring-do, exploring the corners, mores, strange fauna and stranger machines of this bizarre new place that mankind has made for itself when everything seemed lost…

Alternate history, science, travels, adventure in spades, swashbuckling, chills and thrills… Find out here about Hope and Glory, the world, the stories, the team. It will be great fun.