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Do you remember when I told you about my copper mask – oh well, the Chorus’ copper mask in Shakespeare in Words? And how my friend Davide – he of Karavansara – said there was a story in there, and he’d write it for Halloween?

Well, he’s done it.

Not that I’m terribly surprised, mind: the man has proved again and again that he can put together a good story by whatever deadline he gives himself – and so a Halloween story it was…

Only, because he’d described it as “horror”, and I’m lily-livered that way, it took me ages to gather the courage to read it. But I did at last, and it is scary, but in a subtly disturbing manner that even my wimpy self can very much appreciate. Also, I love Davide’s portrayal of backstage life.

If I’ve made you curious (as I fully intended to do), you can download Behind the Copper Mask from Karavansara. And yes, I know – I’m dreadfully late for Halloween… but this is still November, with plenty of grey twilights and long dark nights, so I trust you’ll find the right atmosphere to enjoy the story.